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Once upon a time there were 6 cats

For the last few weeks I have been cat sitting this bunch!

Once upon a time there were 6 cats who needed cat sitting……

Princess (with the nose)
Bella (with the toes)

Every morning & evening (for a week and a bit) I have been cat sitting & feeding my feline friends. I do a head count about 500 times just to make sure I have not lost any.

First things first the back door is opened for them to have a little wander in the garden and to their very own Catio yes you heard me correctly a Catio!! They have a small area just for them with different levels and cat beds and even a flap.

As I love cats so much I think this is a fab idea. Nice for them to hang out in too. Anyway while they are doing all this I am cleaning out two cat litter boxes followed by measuring out their crunchies on the kitchen scale (Between 30-35grams per cat. also Buddy & Princess have separate biscuit to the others so can’t get those mixed up).

By this time Buddy is wrapping himself around my face asking me to hurry up. Once they have eaten I collect the dishes and wash them up or though I must admit with the hot weather they have not been to bothered about the biscuit so I put all 6 bowls in a neat straight line along one of counters and let them have it between the hours of when I leave and come back.

I then run the cordless Dyson around the kitchen to collect any litter or biscuit etc. I usually empty the water fountain and fill it with fresh water twice a day too.

Once all this is done, Its the task of getting the little rascals back in, this involves another 5 head counts as, as I count them they move around and Hide from me.

Honestly it’s a game to them. I eventually have all in the house and close the blinds in the dinning room where they have their cat scratches and hammocks etc.

Then I pop the kitchen counter lights on or off depending on what time of day it is and leave them all to it until I see them again….

I will miss being their cat sitter when their owners get back from holiday as I have grown very fond of them all.

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