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Dog Sitting Luther the German Shepherd

Dog sitting this handsome fella!!

I love dog sitting Luther. He is such an awesome dog.

Only 8 months old and extremely clever. There is never a dull moment.

When I go in to the house the first thing I do is open the door to the garden.

The first thing Luther does is to try and knock me over with all his excitement and energy which is bursting at the seams.

Once we have got through all the excitement we head to the bottom of the garden to have a game with his toys.

Luther has taken a liking to a pink ball which suits him. Haha.

So we have a game with the pink ball and then move on to tug of war with his massive blue rope. It’s all fun and games.

After all this playing and concentrating Luther builds up an appetite. This means food.

dog eating

He has to have this blue bowl to help him digest his food otherwise Luther eats far to quickly and it upsets his tummy. What I love about feeding time is that he has been trained to “sit” then “wait” and then “go get it”! Its amazing to see.

We normally go back outside once he has eaten to make sure Luther does his business before coming in for a few hours. I usually then put some Arden Grange treats in his kong to keep him busy until the next visit.

The water gets cleaned and topped up too. Before I go I usually make sure that he has enough toys around otherwise he gets bored quite quickly. His favorite is the squeaky rabbit toy. The loudest and noisiest of all toys.

I then say goodbye to Luther by giving him a kiss on the head and a little tap on the back.




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  1. Ahhh great post Becky … that’s my boy … loves his grub and play .x

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