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Pet Business Marketing, Support & Advice

Myself and my partner Steve have built up a successful pet care business in quite a short time and we’ve noticed that there are a lot of others who need help or advice marketing their business, so we’ve decided to offer our experience to anyone in the dog walking, dog grooming, cat sitting and pet care industry.

When you’re trying to get yourself established as a dog walker or pet carer it can be very daunting. 

Both myself and Steve started this business from scratch and we did all of the website and marketing ourselves. This means we have a lot of knowledge and experience we can use to help you with your business.

We can offer very competitive prices and can also offer advice and support.

Some of the services we can offer:

  • Website creation, hosting and email
  • Flyer design & printing
  • Hoodie & T-shirt/Uniform design & printing
  • Vehicle sign design

Get in contact

If you want to find out more about how we can help you grow your pet care business, please get in touch by filling in this form, or keep scrolling down to read more.

Website Creation

A well put together website is important because you want to be taken seriously and seen as a professional. Our websites use WordPress & Siteground hosting based in the UK.

WordPress is the #1 platform for websites and blogs and it is free and easy to use. There are so many different themes and designs available your website will look unique and professional.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Getting your business and website found on Google should be one of your main priorities. When a potential client who is located in your area searches for a service you offer you want to be the first business they find.  

Google Business (Google Maps Listings)

Showing up on Google in the maps listings at the top of the page (known as the 3-pack) can get you a lot of new business. There’s a few tips and tricks that can get you to show up first in the list, we’ve tried and tested them all.

We can help you show up in this list so that you get more phone calls and website visits. It’s very satisfying when the phone rings and someone wants to sign up as a client!

Leaflet Design & Printing

Designing and printing a leaflet that shows what you do and makes an impact can be difficult, especially if you haven’t ever created one before! Here’s one of the double sided leaflets we created for Happy Wanderers. 

We’ve delivered these to businesses in our local area and have found that we get a good response.

About Us

Becky & Steve

Both Becky and Steve are massive animal lovers and grew up with dogs and cats. Find out more about our own pets.


Becky has a ton of experience working with animals and before owning Happy Wanderers worked as a Vet Receptionist. She’s passionate about her work in the pet care industry and loves what she does. Becky is a helpful and caring person, as you can see from her reviews of Happy Wanderers on Google & Facebook!


Steve has worked in Ecommerce for about a decade and has a lot of knowledge and experience in online marketing and design. As well as helping Becky with the Pet Care business he is also an online marketing freelancer and business owner.

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