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Dog Walking in Ottershaw, Addlestone, Row Town, Chertsey & New Haw

If you are looking for Dog Walking then look no further!

I offer group dog walking for most dog breeds as long as they are friendly with other dogs and will come back when they are called. All of the dogs come back happy after a long walk and play!

Group walks contain 4 or 5 dogs including your dog. I take all of the dogs to either a park or nature trail and they get lots of off lead exercise.

A 1 hour walk costs £12. This includes free pick up and drop off from your home.

Scroll down for more info and to find out where I take the dogs for their walks.

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We’re lucky that in this area there are so many good places & parks where I can walk the dogs. 

Here are a few of the places I go for dog walking:

  1. Hare Hill (Ottershaw/Row Town)
  2. St. Ann’s Hill (Chertsey, on the way to Thorpe)
  3. Ottershaw Memorial Fields (Ottershaw on the way to Foxhills & Lyne)
  4. Horsell Common (just off the A320)
  5. Victory Park (Addlestone, behind the Train Station on the way to Chertsey)
  6. Strawberry Fields (Row Town, accessed through the housing estate)

1. Hare Hill

Hare Hill is great for the dogs if you live in Ottershaw or Row Town and you don’t fancy going too far. It is literally a 5 minute walk from me. Hare Hill is a woodland with a big pond/swamp in the middle. There are paths which zigzag across the woods. It’s shaded in the summer and fairly sheltered from the rain and wind in the winter, making it a great place for dog walking. From Ottershaw it also serves as a cut through into Row Town and at the weekend you can walk through Hare Hill and get easy access to The Cricketers Pub for a tasty Sunday Lunch!

Pictures of Hare Hill in Ottershaw/Row Town:
Hare Hill, Ottershaw/Row Town
The Pond/Swamp in the middle!
Nice wide, sheltered paths
Heated seating at The Cricketers Pub

2. St. Ann's Hill

St. Ann’s Hill is on the outskirts of Chertsey, Surrey and is situated between Lyne and Thorpe (just north of Ottershaw). It’s a wooded park at the top of a hill and used to be named Eldebury Hill, it’s the 2nd highest point in Runnymede. At one time it was a fort. It is a perfect spot to walk the dogs and if it’s a lovely day to have a picnic as there is a little area with picnic benches. As well as great views of the local area you can also see the planes take off from Heathrow. I enjoy walking around St. Ann’s Hill as there’s lots of paths to explore and just like Hare Hill it is quite sheltered, even though it’s at the top of a hill.

Pictures of St. Ann's Hill in Chertsey:
St. Ann's Hill, Chertsey near Lyne & Thorpe
One of the many viewpoints
The view towards the lake at Thorpe

3. Ottershaw Memorial Fields

The Ottershaw Memorial Fields are just around the corner from me, on Fox Hills Road on the way to Foxhills, Stonehill and Lyne. This is one of my favourite places to walk because there’s a little bit of everything – woods, a large open field, lots of paths and dense undergrowth that the dogs love to explore! There’s also a viewpoint with some benches. Quite recently the local council have laid new paths and marked the trails making these Memorial Fields quite a popular place to walk the dogs. One of the main trails I walk around forms a loop around the forest and the dogs love it! What is great about the Ottershaw Fields is that you get the best of both worlds, a great big enclosed field and a large wooded area on top of the hill. Plus if you have kids there is a big play area and a fenced in Basketball Court/5-a-side Football area. It also has 2 car parks so there is always space to park the car.

Pictures of Ottershaw Memorial Fields:
Tall trees in Ottershaw Memorial Fields
Large Open Playing Fields
Dense undergrowth with wide trails
Better paths installed by the council

4. Horsell Common

Driving from Ottershaw, Horsell Common is located just off the A320 going south towards Woking. As well as being one of the most perfect places for dog walking it’s also used by hikers, horse riders and mountain bikers/cyclists. It is a very unique place for walking the dogs and even has a sandpit/mini beach! Horsell is huge and there’s loads of trails to explore so the dogs have no end of places to run around. There are both wooded and open areas. The only downside to this beautiful common is that it can get very busy so it’s not the best place if you just want a quiet walk.

Pictures of Horsell Common:
Horsell Common, Woking
The Sandpit & Beach
Bedser Trail

5. Victory Park

Victory Park is perfect for Dog Walking in Addlestone and runs from the houses just behind the train station all the way up to Chertsey Road. As with the other places that I take the dogs for a walk it is completely enclosed but is large enough for them to run around and explore. It is big enough to fit in 3 or 4 football fields, a Lawn Boules club, 2 tennis courts, a kids playground and a kids daycare/nursery in the centre of the park. I like walking dogs at Victory Park because it is a central location between Chertsey and Addlestone that has a car park and is very easy to get to. There aren’t any wooded areas in this park so it’s great for dogs who like to run off and explore as I can always keep my eye on them!

Pictures of Victory Park in Addlestone:
Victory Park, Addlestone
Tennis Courts
Garden seating & Kids Daycare
Large open field & car park

6. Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields is a bit hidden as it is set behind a housing estate and it’s not obvious that it’s there. It’s located in Row Town and is an excellent place for dog walking as there is a forest area as well as a giant field with a path all around the outside. As with the other places that I take dogs it is fenced and enclosed all of the way around. The park is mostly flat so it’s great if you just want a leisurely walk. There is also a kids play area and some outdoor workout places including pull up bars.

Pictures of Strawberry Fields in Row Town, Addlestone
Strawberry Fields, Row Town
Wooded Area
Trails around the edge of the park

I hope you enjoyed my little mini guide to the local parks in and around Ottershaw, Addlestone and Chertsey. If you would like me to walk your dog then please give me a call!

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