Are We Insured? Find out about our Insurance Cover for Dog Walking, Training & Puppy Socialisation

The simple answer is yes, we are more than covered to care for your dog.

The long answer is that we’re insured for dog walking, training, dogs in transit, puppy socialisation, pet minding and we have public liability insurance.

We’re insured with a company called Cliverton who offer specialised insurance for animal care and dog walking.

We have been extremely careful to ensure that we’re fully insured while caring for your dog.

Will my dog be safe with Happy Wanderers?

As well as being safely insured, we also go through careful procedures to make sure that we offer the highest care for your pets. We never take dogs on walks along the road and we always use either local parks and fields or a secure, private and enclosed field with a locked gate that has no public access.

Every dog that is in our care is fully vaccinated to help avoid any spread of disease.

Both Steve and Becky are always on every walk, meaning that there are always two of us caring for your dog.

Introducing new dogs

When we take on a new dog for the first time we take them on a test walk and they’re very carefully monitored to check that they’re OK to be walked alongside other dogs and people. We’re very careful and always check the behaviour of every dog to make sure that they don’t show signs of aggression.

If a dog isn’t used to having someone else take it on a walk it can initially be a bit distressing as their routine is being changed which can upset them.

We’re careful to introduce them slowly and we keep them on a lead until we’re 100% happy that they’ll enjoy their time with us and get on with the rest of the pack. 

Your peace of mind

We are more than happy to show you a copy of our insurance certificate and answer any questions you may have. Please contact us using our contact page.