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Phoenix, Ripple & Bumblebee

Cat Sitting these three Musketeers!

Read about these 3 little gems that need cat sitting regularly.


As a cat sitter I have certainly grown to love these 3. They all have their own characters as most cats do. Bumble bee is the chilled out type who does exactly what she wants when she wants.

Ripple is very similar to Bee as she is also quite chilled out and does not give two hoots about what is happening as long as she has her food she is happy.

They are a laid back pair of old dames those two.

Phoenix on the other hand drives Bee and Ripple up the wall! He waits behind the door until one of the girls is perfectly placed either preening or just chilling, he then takes the opportunity to pounce on one of them and then runs around the lounge having a mad moment for about 5 mins.

He realizes these girls don’t want to play and gets a swift paw smack and backs off. it’s so funny to watch.

Being the baby is difficult when you have two really old sisters who don’t want to play and keep telling you bugger off. You can just see the look in his eye when he is plotting his next move.

Which is usually followed by him running up the dinning room chair and trying to jump on my shoulder and then ends up loosing his balance and landing in the cat litter on the floor.  Such a numpty!!

Once Phoenix has had his mad moment around the living room I then go into the kitchen to feed them. Three dishes filled with a sachet each of whiskers chunks in gravy. while the cats are eating I then go and clean the litter tray out.

By this time the cats have eaten and are either waiting to go out (depending on what time of day it is) or have wandered through to the bedroom and have settled on the bed. What a life!!

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  1. Becky – the stars of the show my little babies….. Always so well looked after and love seeing you. So look forward to my little updates when I’m away but I know this crazy gang are in excellent hands xx

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