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As you can imagine, being animal lovers we have a few furry residents here at Happy Wanderers!
In total we have 7 pets (2 Dogs, 3 Cats & 2 Goldfish). Read all about them below.


German Shepherd / Rottweiler Cross

Born in Slough and from an accidental litter, Jessie is the biggest of our resident animals. At 18 months she is the friendliest and most sociable dog you will meet. She is a German Shepherd/Rottweiler cross and has loads of energy. She loves to meet other dogs and would play all day if she could.

  • Favourite food: Daddy’s socks
  • Favourite toy: Football
  • Favourite activity: Stealing socks and hiding them when no one is looking


Chihuahua / Jack Russell Cross

Adopted from Romania, Mia is a 2 year old Chihuahua/Jack Russell cross. While very small she has a big personality and also gets on with every dog that she meets. Mia and Jessie are best friends and love to chill out on the sofa together while carefully planning how they can scare the postman!

  • Favourite food: 3 Bird Feast (by Lily’s Kitchen)
  • Favourite toy: Mr. Fox
  • Favourite activity: Stalking Jessie and executing sneak attacks on her


A one of a kind cat who thinks he’s a dog. Gizmo doesn’t know he’s a cat, he definitely doesn’t like his tail as he has gone to great lengths to get rid of it! It has been amputated (by a vet) in 2 different places so he’s definitely used up a few of his 9 lives! He doesn’t notice his lack of tail and likes to spend time stealing Mia’s bed from her while sleeping all day.

  • Favourite food: Anything, he’s not fussy
  • Favourite toy: Pigeons
  • Favourite activity: Meowing at the window to come in, being let inside and then meowing at the front door to be let out again immediately.


The pretty boy of the litter, Gomez is a clever cat who has worked out how to open the cat flap even when it has been shut for the night. Like Gizmo, he has had his fair share of accidents and vet trips! He somehow managed to fall off a fence a few years ago and cracked one of his canine teeth, which then had to be removed. He’s the most chilled cat out of our 3 and will happily sit on the sofa watching the dogs running around the living room.

  • Favourite food: Cheese, preferably Stilton. You can’t touch a cheese packet in our house without Gomez appearing from nowhere, begging for a tidbit of cheese!
  • Favourite toy: Laser pen (where did the red dot go? Where did it come from?!)
  • Favourite activity: Sleeping most of the day in his cat tree


Our lovely girl cat Honey, sister to Gizmo and Gomez. Honey can be a little bit scatty so likes to stay in the bedroom where she can have her own space away from the dogs. She still has a kitten meow even though she’s 12! Honey is very independent and and enjoys spending days exploring the neighbourhood gardens.

  • Favourite food: Felix
  • Favourite toy: Wind-up mouse
  • Favourite activity: Waiting until you’ve called her exactly 17 times before coming inside to eat dinner
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