Puppy Home Visits and Socialisation Services in Chertsey & Addlestone

We offer more than just puppy home visits. We'll take your pup with other pups and dogs to a secure field where they can join in the fun and be part of the group, rather than stuck at home.

It’s important that your puppy gets to join in with other dogs when they are young. Socialising your dog when they are still a puppy has been proven to improve their learning skills, making them easier and quicker to train as well as making them more comfortable around other dogs as they grow up. Puppy home visits are OK but being out with other dogs and socialising helps to reduce reactionary behaviours such as being too scared or overly aggressive with other dogs.

By socialising your puppy from the earliest age possible (once they’re fully vaccinated and able to go outside), you are making it easier for them and you in the long run!

The field we take your puppy to is private with no public access and fenced-in. The gate is locked during the entire time they are there so they can’t get out accidentally. This means that your dog is much safer and there’s no risk of any strange dogs approaching them out in public while in our care.

There will always be 2 of us looking out for them and they’ll only be introduced to other dogs from our regular group.