Steve Blackmore

Owner / Dog Walker / Pet Carer

I run the Happy Wanderers Dog Walking business alongside Becky and we both go on all of the dog walks. It’s great because there are always 2 of us on the walks so all of the dogs get loads of attention and they’re safer because of this.


Dogs have always been a big part of my life ever since my parents got my first ever dog Jason, when I was still a toddler. He was a German Shepherd Mix so I’ve always had a soft spot for this type of breed. They’re usually big friendly giants and all they want is love and attention.

I love that I’m able to be outdoors all day everyday and play with dogs! I worked in the Ecommerce and Marketing industry for over a decade as an employee and freelancer but have found that my real love is working with animals, specifically dogs.


I’m very interested in dog behavioural training and am always testing out training ideas with our 2 lovely dogs, Jessie and Mia!


Running a business does have it’s challenges but knowing that all of the dogs that we care for are happy and enjoying the time they spend with us makes the work very fulfilling.